Garden Burger Product Review: Vegan Burgers

There was a time when I decided that I would try and be a vegan, one thing that was hard was finding foods that didn’t have any eggs or dairy, that tasted good and that were meatless as well. Lucky for me there are vegan burgers on the market and Gardenburger is one of the companies that offers them. I have been able to find and try out three of the four different kinds that they offer.

When I first saw this veggie burger I wasn’t yet thinking about becoming a vegan, but I like the name, Veggie Medley Gardenburger, of it so I tried it out. Obviously the title Veggie Medley tells you that this particular burger is not trying to imitate meat and I am not complaining. I have to laugh at the name a little though because I believe I have seen baby food with the same name.

It seems to me that the places that I shop do not usually carry vegan veggie burgers so it has been a while since I have tried some of the Gardenburger vegan burgers but I did try the Black Bean Chipotle once. Black beans are a favorite of mine and from what I remember I found the Black Bean Chipotle by Gardenburger very tasty. I wish I knew how to make my own.

It is remarkable how little ingredients that there are in the Gardenvegan. Similar in taste to the Original Gardenburger this is a good alternative for people who enjoy the taste of the Original Gardenburger, a non vegan veggie burger of theirs, but don’t want to be eating any dairy or eggs. Now as far as I have seen they do not offer a 20 pack of Gardenvegan veggie burgers like they do with the Original Gardenbruger.

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Now if you are looking for a meatless burger that still offers a meat like taste but want that burger to be vegan you are in luck Gardenburger offers the Flame Grilled. I personally have never tried the Flame Grilled and have yet to see it sold in the stores that I shop in. I have tasted other meatless products from Gardenburger and didn’t think that they were all that far from what they were trying to taste like.

I have considered becoming a strict vegan many, many times. It is nice to know that if I ever decided to just eat the veggie burgers that are vegan that Gardenburger offers a variety.