Vegan Shopping

Vegan Shopping

Whether you are a vegan who is tired of painstakingly reading every ingredient or a family member or friend of a vegan, wanting to get them a gift, but are clueless of what is vegan or isn’t, there are many websites dedicated to the vegan lifestyle.

All these companies not only read the labels for you, but contact the companies to make sure that what they sell is 100% vegan. If a product has that mysterious natural flavoring or an ingredient that can go either way, you can be assured that the research has been done for you and everything is undoubtedly vegan.

One Stop Vegan Shops

These shops sell just about anything you could think of, from vegan twinkies to vegan glue, even frozen food items. No matter where you live or what you need, you will never be deprived with these one stop vegan shops.


One of the first vegan shops, since their opening in 1995 they have grown to carry their own line of vegan products, from baked goods to shoes. Owned and ran by vegans, they sell vegan cheeses, cleaning and office supplies, jackets, gift baskets and so much more. In addition to their products being animal-friendly, all the products they sell are from companies with fair labor practices. They, also, have a physical store (open on the weekends) at 2381 Lewis Ave. Rockville, Maryland. Pangea ships throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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Vegan Essentials

Just as their name says, they carry everything essential for vegans, plus more. Owned and operated by vegans, since 1998. Whether you need shoes, seasonal gifts, hair dye or just need to get your vegan junk food fix, they have what you need. They make sure that everything they sell is 100% vegan. Sign-up for their e-mail newsletter and get updates of all the fun new vegan products they add and special discount coupon codes. They ship worldwide and have a retail outlet at 1701 Pearl St. Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Cosmos Vegan Shoppe

Named after their cat Cosmo, Cosmo Vegan Shoppe was started in 2005 and is dedicated to variety and quality. All their products are free of artificial sweeteners and sweat shop free. They have an online store as well as a retail store at 672 Highland Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. Cosmo’s ships worldwide.

Food Fight Grocery

A little online convenience store online, that sell lots of necessary vegan junk food and some essentials too, while adding a bit of humor to your shopping experience. If you are lucky enough to be in the Portland, Oregon area, stop by their store front at 1217 SE Stark Street. They don’t ship internationally, but they ship throughout the U.S.

Shoes and Accessories

Don’t let anyone convince you that there are no fashionable non leather shoes. These shops sell shoes of every style, handbags and more.

Moo Shoes

Moo Shoes was founded in 2001, by 2 sisters. They are more than just shoes; they have a selection of purses, jackets, belts and more. Their retail shop is located at 78 Orchard Street in New York City. For anyone not able to visit their retail store, you can order online and they ship worldwide.

Ragazzi Vegan

Their motto is No animal, No sweat. All their shoes are free from animal products and made under non sweatshop conditions. You can find sandals, dress shoes and even work boots, for men and women. They ship in the United States and internationally.

Alternative Outfitters

High quality, fashionable, non-leather and cruelty free, Alternative Outfitters offers shoes, purses, accessories and more. They have been featured in many magazines and they ship worldwide. They also sell everything you find online, in their retail showroom in Pasadena, California at 408 S. Pasadena Ave., Suite 1.

Vegetarian Shoes and Bags .com

Their name says it all. They sell shoes for men and woman, for whatever your style. Casual and fancy evening bags, everything is fashionable and cruelty free. They are vegans themselves and care about animals and the challenge there sometimes is finding the perfect vegan shoes. They ship worldwide.

Vegan Restaurant Food Delivery

Whether you can’t cook or just don’t want to, these companies will deliver animal-free restaurant meals straight to your door.

Buy Kind

Buy meals, desserts and whole cakes right off the menus of great vegan restaurants around the U.S, right from your own home and have them delivered right to your door, no matter where you are in the U.S. More restaurants are being added all the time and they also offer chocolates, wine, and adorable Cowches (cow shaped couches.) They work hard to make sure your order gets to you in good condition and that you are satisfied.

Veggie Brothers

Restaurant style vegan meals delivered right to you. Buy soups, appetizers, sides or entrées, like soy chicken nuggets or salisbury steak, already prepared buy a chef and ready to re-heat and eat. They ship to the U.S. and Canada.

Friends and family can rest assured that they can shop for their loved ones and give a gift that will be gratefully received by any vegan. Vegans can shop cruelty free and feast on animal-free restaurant meals, while someone else has done a the work for them.